Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)

Related Parties

Related Parties
3 Months Ended
Mar. 31, 2022
Related Parties  
Related Parties

Note 24: Related Parties

Intercompany Transactions

BACC entered an agreement (“Services Agreement”) with P3 NV, collectively the “Parties”, under which P3 NV provides BACC with certain management, administrative, and other non-medical support services in connection with BACC’s medical practice.

The Company and its subsidiaries have “Deficit Funding Agreements” with the Network, whereby the Company or its subsidiaries provide loans (“Advances”) from time to time principally for the purpose of working capital support.  Net Advances made to the Network and accrued interest expense were as follows:



March 31, 2022

Balance at Beginning of Period



Advanced During Period



Interest Accrued During period



Balance at End of Period



Advances, in most cases, have been constructively made by P3 Health Group Holdings, LLC on P3 NV’s behalf, and were therefore deemed Advances made by P3 NV. P3 NV’s Advances to BACC include all years prior, for which balances have, historically, not been settled periodically between the Parties and, thus have carried forward one year to the next. However, all transactions related to these Services and Deficit Funding Agreements (including accrued interest) have been eliminated in consolidation.

There were no advances transacted between P3 NV and KWA during the periods ended March 31, 2022, or December 31, 2021.

Atrio Health Plans



Three Months Ended

March 31, 2022

Revenue Earned from Capitation



Management Fees



Claims Paid



Atrio Health Plans was established in 2004 and has since grown to serve Medicare beneficiaries in numerous counties throughout Oregon. Atrio works closely with local providers to improve healthcare outcomes of the population(s) served. In 2019, Chicago Pacific Founders (“CPF”) made an equity investment in Atrio. CPF is also a principal holder of shares of Class V common stock and Common Units of P3 LLC. Beginning in 2020, the Company has a Full-Risk capitation agreement in place with Atrio whereby the Company is delegated to perform services on behalf of Atrio’s members assigned to the Company. These delegated services include but are not limited to provider network credentialing, patient authorizations and medical management (care management, quality management and utilization management).