Annual report pursuant to Section 13 and 15(d)

Earnings (Loss) per Share

Earnings (Loss) per Share
12 Months Ended
Dec. 31, 2021
Earnings (Loss) per Share  
Earnings (Loss) per Share

Note 20: Earnings (Loss) per Share

Loss per Share – Successor Period

The following table provides the computation of net loss per share and weighted average shares of the Company’s common stock outstanding during the periods presented:


December 3, 2021

through December 31,



Net Loss



Loss Attributable to Non-controlling Interest



Net Loss Attributable to Class A Common Stockholders - Basic and Diluted EPS



Weighted Average Class A Common Shares Outstanding - Basic and Diluted EPS


Loss per Share Attributable to Class A Common Shareholders - Basic and Diluted



The following table presents potentially dilutive securities excluded from the computation of diluted net loss per share for the periods presented because their effect would have been anti-dilutive. The liability-classified Public and Private Warrants are out of the money and thus have no impact on diluted EPS. Additionally, the Company considered the potential conversion of the 196,553,523 shares Class V common stock as potentially dilutive securities. However, net loss has already been allocated to the non-controlling interests in P3 LLC who hold all of the Class V common stock. Therefore, the inclusion of the Class V common stock on an if-converted basis would not impact the diluted EPS calculation and these shares have been excluded from the table below.


December 3, 2021

through December 31,



Public Warrants


Private Warrants


Restricted Shares