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Recent Accounting Pronouncements

Recent Accounting Pronouncements
3 Months Ended
Mar. 31, 2024
Recent Accounting Pronouncements Adopted  
Recent Accounting Pronouncements
Note 4: Recent Accounting Pronouncements
Recently Adopted Accounting Pronouncements
ASU 2024-02, Codification Improvements—Amendments to Remove References to the Concepts Statements (“ASU 2024-02”)
Accounting Standards Update (“ASU”) 2024-02 removes references to various Financial Accounting Standards Board (“FASB”) Concepts Statements from the FASB accounting standards codification (the “Codification”) to simplify and clarify the accounting guidance. The ASU aims to distinguish between authoritative and nonauthoritative literature and to address unintended applications of guidance. The Company adopted ASU 2024-02 effective January 1, 2024. The guidance will be applied prospectively to all new transactions recognized on or after January 1, 2024.
ASU 2020-06, Debt – Debt with Conversion and Other Options (Subtopic 470-20) and Derivatives and Hedging — Contracts in Entity’s Own Equity (Subtopic 815-40), Accounting for Convertible Instruments and Contracts in an Entity’s Own Equity (“ASU 2020-06”)
ASU 2020-06 eliminates two of the three models in ASC 470-20 that require issuers to separately account for embedded conversion features and eliminates some of the requirements for equity classification in ASC 815-40-25 for contracts in an entity’s own equity. The guidance also requires entities to use the if-converted method for all convertible instruments in the diluted earnings per share calculation and generally requires them to include the effect of potential share settlement for instruments that may be settled in cash or shares. The Company adopted ASU 2020-06 effective January 1, 2024 using the modified retrospective method. The Company’s liability-classified stock warrants remained classified as liabilities under the amended guidance. The adoption of this standard did not have a material impact on the Company’s consolidated financial statements and related disclosures.
Recent Accounting Pronouncements Not Yet Adopted
ASU 2023-09, Income Taxes (Topic 740): Improvements to Income Tax Disclosures (“ASU 2023-09”)
ASU 2023-09 enhances the transparency and decision usefulness of income tax disclosures, in response to investors’ feedback, indicating the need for improved information to assess an entity’s operations, tax risks, and planning opportunities, particularly in understanding exposure to jurisdictional tax changes and their impact on cash flows. The amendments address these concerns by improving income tax disclosures, primarily related to the rate reconciliation and income taxes paid information. The amendments in this update are effective for annual periods beginning after December 15, 2024 and should be applied prospectively. Early adoption and retrospective application is permitted. The Company is evaluating the effect ASU 2023-09 will have on its consolidated financial statements and related disclosures.
ASU 2023-07, Segment Reporting (Topic 280): Improvements to Reportable Segment Disclosures (“ASU 2023-07”)
ASU 2023-07 improves the disclosures about a public entity’s reportable segments and addresses requests from investors for additional, more detailed information about a reportable segment’s expenses. The amendments in this update are effective for fiscal years beginning after December 15, 2023, and interim periods within fiscal years beginning after December 15, 2024. The amendments require retrospective application to all prior periods presented in the financial statements. Upon transition, the segment expense categories and amounts disclosed in the prior periods should be based on the significant segment expense categories identified and disclosed in the period of adoption. The Company is evaluating the effect ASU 2023-07 will have on its financial statements and related disclosures.
ASU 2023-06, Disclosure Improvements: Codification Amendments In Response to the SEC’s Disclosure Update and Simplification Initiative (“ASU 2023-06”)
ASU 2023-06 clarifies or improves disclosure and presentation requirements on a variety of topics and aligns the requirements in the Codification with the SEC’s regulations. The effective date for each amendment will be the date on which the SEC’s removal of that related disclosure from Regulation S-X or Regulation S-K becomes effective, with early adoption prohibited. The amendments in this update should be applied prospectively. If by June 30, 2027, the SEC has not removed the applicable requirement from Regulation S-X or Regulation S-K, the pending content of the related amendment will be removed from the Codification and will not become effective for any entity. The Company is evaluating the effect ASU 2023-06 will have on its consolidated financial statements and related disclosures.